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  • What Makes This Ministry "Different"?

    We Are A Servant-Leader Ministry! We honor and respect the team of leaders and become a servant to all as Christ displayed to us throughout His life. No Hierarchy System We found "hierarchy" style of ministry does not work for us, and
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  • Grace & the Finished Work of the Cross

    We start with a story.... Once there was a wealthy man who had two sons. He loved both sons greatly, and wanted to see them succeed in life. They had their needs fulfilled, all the comforts that money could buy,
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  • The Many Benefits of Speaking In Your Spiritual Language

    The subject of speaking in our heavenly language has always aroused a great deal of curiosity in the church. Sadly, it is often seen through the eyes of negative stereotypes of people swinging from chandeliers, foaming at the mouth, and
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Ministry Ctr MLWe have been in operation since 2000 and are located in Shelton, Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Our vision is to assist people to know and operate in their true identity in Christ, to live victoriously in this life. 

Ministry Center-- After a nine month sabbatical our Healing the Northwest Ministry has reopened at a new location. We are just a few blocks west of our previous location, at 726 Railroad Avenue on the corner of Railroad and 8th Street in Shelton, Washington. Our Ministry Center is open Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM. It is best to text (preferred method) or call (360) 490-4948, to schedule an appointment.  Below is a description of the types of ministry available. 

Pastoral Counseling-- In person & telephone appointments available by texting or calling 360-490-4948 to set up an appointment.

Prophetic, Deliverance, Physical & Inner Healing-- God desires to speak to you His love, encouragement and destiny for your life.  He wants you to experience freedom from oppression and heal your heart and emotions from trauma and abuse and your body of physical ailments. Christ came to set you free!

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Training--We host and also travel to speak at various venues including churches, home groups, schools and prisons.  Contact us for information on how we can come to your location. Check out our EVENTS link for upcoming open trainings.

Hogan2Conferences--We host 1-2 conferences a year with amazing speakers and ministries. Sign-up for our newsletters so as not to miss out!

Prayer for Resurrection Ministry-We partner with One Glance Ministries and the Dead Raising Team (DRT) to offer the bereaved spiritual and emotional support and offer prayer of ressurection on behalf of the deceased.  Acts 26:8, Matthew 10:8.

Additional Services-- We are available for mentoring, mediation, marriage and funeral services.  Call to get more information. 

Partnership with other Ministries--

We have had the pleasure of encouraging the start up of many new ministries and love to encourage and share what others in fellowship with us are accomplishing in His kingdom! 

Chris  & Susan Leffler who ran our Saturday night rooms operate a healing room in Tumwater near the South Puget Sound Community College.  The address is 2584 RW Johnson Blvd SW in the Mottman Plaza, Tumwater, WA. on Monday and Saturday nights, 7-9 PM. Contact numbers: Home 360-866-1841 cells 360-529-1687 and 360-529-1748.

International & Local Missions-- We partner with a number of International ministries. We also believe in helping those in need in our own local area, including those who are homeless, hungry or battling hurts or addictions. Check out our MISSIONS page to learn more about how you can partner with us both at home and abroad.


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