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- By Brian Thompson

I had the chance to interview Tyler Johnson of One Glance Ministries and Dead Raising Team Ministries. Tyler is in the upcoming film DEADRAISER that was released October 2014. We got to learn about Tyler and his wife Christine’s adventure from starting their ministry to where it is today. Tyler and Christine were on staff at Healing the Nw ministries before moving to Texas for three years and have now returned to the Pacific Northwest. Both Tyler and Christine are ordained Minsiters through Healing The NW Ministries.


HTNW: How did One Glance and DRT (Dead Raising Teams) come about?
Tyler Johnson: “DRT was started because some of us had been praying for the dead and one of our team members had a success. Bill Johnson from Bethel Church heard about it and did a podcast called “Eat the meat, spit out the bones” and in the beginning of the podcast Bill tells the testimony of the successful resurrection from our team. After that people began contacting us to come and pray for deceased people and hence DRT was born.

One Glance ministry was started because we needed a name for speaking engagements and a website. With the encouragement of Marc & Lydia Buchheit, they helped by sharing speaking engagements and getting us more exposure. The name One Glance comes from a verse in the Songs of Solomon that states “With one glance of our eyes we ravished his heart”. We wanted our ministry to be about connecting with the Lord and intimacy with God. We felt Tyler Johnson Ministries didn’t make the statement we wanted and I think it sounds stupid.. haha”


HTNW: What were some of the challenges you faced getting started?
TJ: “The biggest struggle we faced was how to make ends meet. Christine and I didn’t know exactly how that was going to happen but we knew we were called to do this. So we just started and did it, I was working little jobs and there were times that things were really tight but inevitably it worked out. God has always been faithful to come through with finances. Its just wild, its crazy what he does. I love it when people do ministry and work a full time job. For me I knew I specifically wasn't supposed to do that and just trusted the Lord with the outcome of that. That seems to be the biggest hurdle for people and when we try to have it all figured out before we take the leap is when we get stuck. Instead we just leap especially if Gods telling you to and he’ll catch you. “


HTNW: Did you have all the answers when you started?
TJ: “ No… haha. And I still don’t”

HTNW: What were some of the challenges from starting with DRT and getting to the DEADRAISER film released October 2014?
TJ: “The Dead raising teams lead to the DEADRAISER film. Johnny Clark the one making the film had heard that we were doing dead raising trainings. He heard that we were actually trainings and not just preaching about God raising the dead but we were actually wanting other people to get lit up by the gospel and go after it for themselves as well. The other things that kind of drew Johnny’s attention to me is that I had written a book called “How To Raise The Dead” and he respected that because it wasn’t just someone professing beliefs but someone actually doing something about it. Having written a book and training people how to do it instead of just sitting on my butt. So thats part of what lead him to ask me to be apart of the Deadraiser film.

I would say that the biggest challenges whether it be with DRT or the movie or anything is being sure to stay encouraged in the Lord. When you’re encouraged in the Lord your not worried about being famous or successful. When you’re not encouraged in the Lord you will probably get really really depressed and become visionless and wonder what the heck you're doing with your life. If I had any advice for someone wanting to start a forerunner ministry or even something not as front lines would be to stay encouraged in the Lord. For us many many times I have questioned everything and wanted to give up on everything. When I would get to the end of my rope the Lord would clearly show me he hadn’t released me from that and I am always so glad that he would remind me of those things because when things are going good they are going really good. Theres a lot of challenges in ministry but in the end its such a blessing and honor to be apart of. I think just staying encouraged in the Lord just like David did. As well as being brutally honest with the Lord where you're hearts at. Because He is safe and He can handle it. He wants to encourage people right where they are at, but unless you can be honest with how you feel especially with the Lord you won’t have that placed be touched. Things like recalling when people got healed, testimonies and things like that are really important. Having a good Journal to write things down when a miracle happens and then being able to look back on it is absolutely pivotal. You won’t make it without the power of testimony. Testimony is a form of prophecy, it just has the spirit of encouragement and spirit of Jesus all over it. Another thing I would do is that when someone would give me a prophetic word I would write it down on a card and I don’t mean every flaky little prophetic word but the ones that you feel juice on and the ones that are mysterious on cards and when I have gone through a really hard time I pull those out even if I don’t want to and read through them. If you you really take the time to read them and hear what those things have to say you will be encouraged. Surround yourself with like minded people. I don’t mean people that always agree with you but people that know your heart and want to strengthen you and believe in the message that God has given you and are behind you. I don’t give like the typically “you gotta pray more” stuff because I think all those things I mentioned can be a form of prayer. Even spending time with people can be a form of prayer because you can get prophetic words from people without them even trying. I’ve had homeless people speak from the voice of the Lord for me. I don’t think its as cut and dry as saying pray. Just really opening your heart to the Lord and being really raw with him and letting him through scripture and prophetic words and the testimonies encourage you."

HTNW: What would you like to say to other ministers that may being feeling that tug from God to go into their own ministry?
TJ: “Do what you want to do not what you think you need to do. If you're feeling a call from the Lord it should give you joy to think about it, it shouldn’t be burdensome. If thats how you feel then what are you doing waiting around. I just think that a lot of the church, that people are motivated by duty and we’re not contributing to the church or the world when we do things out of duty. I started the Dead Raising Teams because I knew what it was like to lose a loved one. I saw the absolute nothingness of revelation in the church towards life and death. It made me want to go out there and speak the truth about that stuff. When I teach and preach and pray for people its a joy. When stuff starts to not be a joy, its not that its alway fun but when the underlying Joy has left me then thats when I need to quit that ministry. I wish more ministers did that, that more ministers would quit the ministry because then we wouldn’t have some many people motivated to make their next paycheck, but we would have people out there wanting to touch and heal a broken world. So I would say if someone is really feeling a call from the Lord then they will want to take that leap if they are just wanting to do something because thats what spiritual people do they probably aren’t going to do a darn thing .. haha. Thats because its not real, so I check myself quite often to make sure its real. I don’t care what it is whether its roasting coffee or tasting wine. I don’t care what it is, whatever it is you love to do, do it and heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons you know what I mean? You can do those things anywhere it doesn’t have to be a formal setting of ministry in a pulpit or anything."


HTNW: What piece of advice that you wish someone had given to you when you started?
TJ: “ My one piece of advice that I wish I had is do not care what people that are critics of your life say about you. You will never ever make everyone happy. There will always be someone nagging and complaining even if you're doing something that is non controversial they will always be someone that has a problem. So don’t care what people think that are critics. Anyone that ever changed the world caught grief. Its the one characteristic that of someone that changed the world. It doesn’t matter if it was Luther, Steve Jobs or Mother Theresa. They all had enemies. Major enemies and they had to learn how to not care. I think there is a healthy aspect when you’re free from the fear of man. It’s not that you don’t care or that you are careless. Its that you have healthy boundaries and you know you're calling from the Lord and nothing will stop you from that. We need more people like that. I’ve seen it many times when someone has a legitimate call and Religion shuts it down over and over again. I used to think that was leaderships fault but we can’t blame our failure to continue on the mission on the people who aren’t on board with us, you know what I mean? But this world is in dire need of people that would rather see people healed and saved rather than please their pastor. The church is so bound up by fear that its time that we just go for it. I’m telling you that right now there is a company of people that are rising up that would rather please God than man. ”

HTNW: Some Notable Moments in Your Ministry
TJ: “ Hmm… I don’t want this to come across as arrogant or anything but there really is too many to list. Every miracle is unbelievable encouraging. But then theres little things as well that take you by surprise home much they impact you. I remember one time I went to the Healing Rooms (shelton) and I was on the verge of completely giving up. Because in my line of ministry people are shooting bullets at you all the time and it can get to ya for sure. I remember Rhonda had just started coming to the healing rooms. Rhonda and her daughter Naleena just started telling me how much the book i wrote “How to raise the dead” impacted them and that they would never be the same again. I remember earlier that day I was saying to myself that I would never write another book again because I was just so defeated. I heard the Lord speak to me when she was talking and he said” This is why you can’t stop writing”. It was huge and it was so well timed. I told her how much it meant to me but I don’t think she had any idea. I felt like it kept me from giving up that day. Even thinking about it makes me tear up.

Some notable moments would be: Obviously every encounter with God was unbelievably encouraging. I’ve had Angels show up in the healing & prayer rooms in shelton ( Healing The NW healing rooms) When I got saved I had an encounter with Jesus. I’ve also seen things like the spirit of revelation come into the room and physically take the form of a baby. There was also a time when I was caught up to heaven and danced with Jesus in the streets of gold and all those things without those there wouldn’t be any ministry. It all goes back to that intimacy with Jesus."




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