Benjamin White delievered an amazing message at one of our Lovefeast events. Those that were present were greatly belssed by it and many breakthroughs occurs shortly after. The following is a comment from Ben the following day. 

"Had a good time last night. People who have never felt God, felt God... people who needed to be clean, where cleansed  ... I know of 2 people with back problems felt the pain leave and believed they were healed, one of which i had my hand on his back and felt a palm sized lump instantly leave as we both felt the Kingdom of Heaven fall on us! One man who said he started burping and coughing and believes that he got some deliverance as he was reveling in the presence of God, and i don't think I've ever seen him laugh and smile like this before it was good to see the Father of Glory present! Thank you Jesus for being real!"

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