“Father, I am your child, as an act of my own will I choose to loose all darkness, all fear, all offense, any unforgiveness, any torment, any lust, any addiction, weather to a person, place or a thing, any witchcraft, anything of the enemy, that I let in knowingly or unknowingly, right now I LOOSE IT from my soul, In Jesus name, YOU GO!”

This is a great form of repentance plus healing for your soul. You can take out or put in more specific things as the Holy Spirit reveals them to you or whomever you are ministering to. I try to do this at least once a week to clean out any garbage that I have picked up along the week. This is pivotal to do in order for your soul to prosper. If you wish to prosper in all areas it is a requirement that your soul prosper first. Let’s do one more declaration. This one will help prepare you for some of the revelations you will receive and to get more of God. 3 John 1:2 (NKJV)  “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

“Father, As an act of my will, so my soul will prosper, I choose, to call back, any part of my soul, that I have given out to a person, place or thing. So I call them back, through the blood of Jesus,  and I receive them, In Jesus Name, Amen”


Father – You are the Most High God!

  • You’ve created the heavens and the earth, and it all belongs to You!

  • I trust You that You have plans for me, for my family.

  • You are our protector!

  • You are our provider!

  • It doesn’t matter what’s going on in this world, my trust is in You!

  • I want Your presence in my home!

  • I want You to invade every one of my family member’s life!

  • Help us to lay down our differences and stop fighting!

  • Let the world see Your love in us!

  • I ask for and receive grace for this day – fuel from heaven! Thank you!




  • Father, You made me!

  • I come from You!

  • I am Your child!

  • Above anything else, I love you!

  • I thank you for sending Your Son.

  • He came to die, that I might have grace to be free from sin, not so I can freely sin!

  • Father, open my eyes, let me know You!

  • Give me revelation so I can help change this world!

  • Let it start in my home!

  • Remind me in the morning to declare & decree what you want for me!

  • Father we agree as the body of Christ on this earth, we want Your will done, your way, just like it is in heaven!

  • So I give you permission to invade my life, my mind, my soul, my spirit!

  • Come and take control!

  • Expose anything in me that you don’t want there -  I give you permission!

  • And Father, invade this land!

  • Let heaven come and make a habitation in this land where I live!

  • I desire to live to see the day of Your Power take place on this earth, when this country and this world will know there is a God.

  • I decree it! Amen!

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