Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Yesterday was another day at work in our Fathers kingdom and His manifest Presence.  My husband and I had just gotten back from a VOA conference and Heidi Baker had talked about raising people from the dead.  I spoke out load to the Lord, “I want to do that”.  Little did I know that the day I came back from the conference I would have an opportunity to do just that.  When I came back to work the very next day I received my opportunity to put into practice “raising the dead”!!!!  Yeah, God!!!! I had been listening to Steve Swanson’s CD “RAW” where he sings the song of healing the sick and raising the dead on my way to work.  When I got to work I heard a rapid knocking at my door from one of the workers.  When I opened the door I saw one of the employees laid out on the floor.  When I got to him he had no pulse and was not breathing, his eyes were rolled back and his jaw was clenched, his body was completely rigid, ashen blue and cold I knew he was already dead.  I knew this because besides being a nurse and working in the ICU in the past, my father’s sides of the family are morticians.   I definitely knew the lifeless ashen blue and cold look of death.

 I told the workers to call 911 & get the AED so I could have a moment with him alone, because I did not know if we were authorized to raise the dead on government time. So as they left to call 911 and get the AED, I commanded the spirit of death to leave him and commanded the spirit of life to come back into his body in Jesus Name.   He made a huge gasp and his chest rose off the floor and the power of God breathed life into his body.  His whole body shook and he gasped for air and he started breathing and his pulse returned.  We hooked him up to the AED but he was already breathing and his pulse had now returned.  When the ambulance arrived they asked if there was any time where he was not breathing etc. and once again I did not know if “raising the dead” is authorized on “work” time so I said well there was a long time when he was not breathing and had no pulse but then he was revitalized!!! 

 They took him off in the ambulance and the other nurse I work with (also a born again spirit filled Christian), and I went back into the office and I did a happy dance as we rejoiced that God had raised him from the dead!  This morning I went to the hospital and went to see him in the intensive care unit and I told him how much Jesus loved him and all that happened.  I stayed with him while he ate breakfast,  I prayed for total restoration and left the hospital.  (He had been diagnosed with a massive blood clot in the middle of his heart, almost all people who have that do not come back to life, let alone live to talk about it). God is so good and is into “raising the dead”; He is the same yesterday, today and forever!!!  To Him Be All the Glory and Honor!!    This impartation stuff really works!!!

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