What Makes This Ministry "Different"?


We Are A Servant-Leader Ministry!

We honor and respect the team of leaders and become a servant to all as Christ displayed to us throughout His life.

No Hierarchy System

We found "hierarchy" style of ministry does not work for us, and instead we just serve and bless each other.

We Are “Accountable One To Another!”

We have found that using the biblical way of accountability one to another is the best model. It has worked well for us and allows everyone to be on the same level for a safe environment in ministry.  

We Don’t Use Titles Or Positions

We believe that the five-fold (and beyond ministries) are "job descriptions" not titles. We have found that titles tend to get in the way in a servant-led ministry.
We also don't use the term "Covering" in this ministry because Holy Spirit is our only "covering."


This Staff of leaders in this ministry are world-changers! Holy Spirit is our great leader in all areas and does a great job!
Our desire is that people would be ready and prepared for the "GREAT COMMISSION" that Jesus has called us all into. Our Healing Room is our weekly supernatural training school preparing us to operate in the fullness of God using all the gifts of the Spirit!

We Are A Spirit-Led Ministry

We don't have any requirements for attendance, we ask everyone to be led by Holy Spirit in all areas in our life.  We desire that all staff would be risky and stepping out in faith! The more you minister in an atmosphere of grace and edification; you will grow quickly in the Lord!  We trust and encourage one another, so we can keep a good balance and atmosphere for spiritual growth.

We Are Part Of The World-Wide Church With No Denomination

We are in fellowship with many steams of ministries, and love the Body of Christ.  

We Stand On The Scripture Matthew 18: 15-17 

Our goal is zero offenses for all our Staff so this will build a strong team of leaders and keep a safe ministry environment for all who come, since we are a “healing ministry!”

Grace & the Finished Work of the Cross

We start with a story.... Once there was a wealthy man who had two sons. He loved both sons greatly, and wanted to see them succeed in life. They had their needs fulfilled, all the comforts that money could buy, and most of whatever they desired. However, not content with this, the youngest son wanted to be independent of his family, and go his own way in life. He demanded his inheritance; told his dad he hated him, and wanted nothing more to do with his family.

So the son went off into the world, he did many things he wasn’t proud of, and lived many lives. He ended up penniless, broken and humiliated. He came to realize that his way had led him down a path of misery, and everything he did to try and fix it just made it worse. Eventually the only job he could get was taking care of pigs on a farm, and the pigs ate better than he did. He finally thought that maybe he would go back to his father; maybe he would let him work for him. 

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Grace: The Best Motivator

If you are looking for the most efficient, effective way to change behavior, then fear is probably the weapon of choice. But if you are looking to change behavior outside of the use of fear, then you have to be prepared for failure after failure. You have to be ready for the one that is in need of the changing to sin, and to sin a lot. In fact, they will sin just because there isn’t punishment for what they are doing. They will run that line of reasoning out as far as it can go, like a hooked fish caught by a skilled fisherman, and they will never come to the end of how far that line will let them run. They are free to bed with pigs if they so desire. They are free to wear themselves out. The fisherman isn’t concerned because He knows that ultimately, despite what they are interested in for the moment, He has hooked them and they will be drawn back to Him at some point.

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The Many Benefits of Speaking In Your Spiritual Language

The subject of speaking in our heavenly language has always aroused a great deal of curiosity in the church. Sadly, it is often seen through the eyes of negative stereotypes of people swinging from chandeliers, foaming at the mouth, and playing with rattlesnakes. In any movement, there are extremists, of course, but as a rule, this is not true at all. Christians from all races, denominations, and nationalities have had their lives totally transformed by praying in their spiritual language. In fact, you probably know some of them!
In this series of messages, we have attempted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about speaking in your heavenly language.
WHY SHOULD I SPEAK IN MY SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE? HOW WILL IT BENEFIT MY CHRISTIAN LIFE? The Bible gives a number of reasons why every Christian should pray in their heavenly language, and many ways that praying in it will tremendously benefit any Christian who practices it.

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