We Are A Servant-Leader Ministry!

We honor and respect the team of leaders and become a servant to all as Christ displayed to us throughout His life.

No Hierarchy System

We found "hierarchy" style of ministry does not work for us, and instead we just serve and bless each other.

We Are “Accountable One To Another!”

We have found that using the biblical way of accountability one to another is the best model. It has worked well for us and allows everyone to be on the same level for a safe environment in ministry.  

We Don’t Use Titles Or Positions

We believe that the five-fold (and beyond ministries) are "job descriptions" not titles. We have found that titles tend to get in the way in a servant-led ministry.
We also don't use the term "Covering" in this ministry because Holy Spirit is our only "covering."


This Staff of leaders in this ministry are world-changers! Holy Spirit is our great leader in all areas and does a great job!
Our desire is that people would be ready and prepared for the "GREAT COMMISSION" that Jesus has called us all into. Our Healing Room is our weekly supernatural training school preparing us to operate in the fullness of God using all the gifts of the Spirit!

We Are A Spirit-Led Ministry

We don't have any requirements for attendance, we ask everyone to be led by Holy Spirit in all areas in our life.  We desire that all staff would be risky and stepping out in faith! The more you minister in an atmosphere of grace and edification; you will grow quickly in the Lord!  We trust and encourage one another, so we can keep a good balance and atmosphere for spiritual growth.

We Are Part Of The World-Wide Church With No Denomination

We are in fellowship with many steams of ministries, and love the Body of Christ.  

We Stand On The Scripture Matthew 18: 15-17 

Our goal is zero offenses for all our Staff so this will build a strong team of leaders and keep a safe ministry environment for all who come, since we are a “healing ministry!”