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Healing the Northwest and International Ministries has a vision for ministering to those in need both at home and in other areas around the world.  

Our current work is with Indian friends that run a network of Spirit Filled Churches in India.  The work and vision for India includes:

  • Training Pastors and Church leaders to be Holy Spirit led throughout India.

  • Establishing a Multicare Hospital for the treatment of the HIV/AIDS affected and the destitute.

  • Disaster management programs and relief measures. These programs will include distribution of food, clothing, medicine and help with housing.

  • Homes for orphans, physically or mentally handicapped children and the destitute.

  • Establish shelters for destitute women and former prostitutes and teach them trades that will enable their future support.  Currently we are supporting a widows project

  • Conduct educational programs for street children and illiterate adults.

  • Free counseling and mobile or in house clinics for the HIV/AIDS affected.

  • Health check ups through the use of mobile clinics for the poor in the cities and rural villages. Camps that provide the following services - medical care, eye care, and blood donation.

The Foundation's goal is to help everyone in physical and emotional need – regardless of religion, social status or political affiliations. 

In December 2014 and again in January 2016  some of our Healing the Northwest & International Ministries team joined with One Glance Ministries and traveled to India to share God’s love.  The team went to Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta) which is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. They were able to visit Mother Teresa's Home and orphanage and also traveled a few hours to a village to feed and minister to a group of 400 widows. The team inquired about how there were so many widows in one area and learned it was because the men were attacked and killed by the Bengal Tigers in the region as they tried to go into the bush to provide for their families.  Friends in India are heading up a job training school in this village where the widows will learn to use sewing machines to make items for sale to support their families.  Learn how you can support one widow in the school for only $40/month below.   

Health care is very limited in India and non-existent in most rural areas. Children most commonly suffer from colds, cough, fever, diarrhea, and skin infections which can be life threatening for these children.  Mothers need teaching on healthy eating and basic prenatal education and care.  Young men need a lot of counseling and advice on maintaining a healthy life style. Tuberculosis, and Aids arethe diseases found in many in this age group. Skin infections and boils are very common since many tribal people do not bathe regularly, another area of health education needed.

ALERT  Another Team is heading back to India in the next few months to work with the widows and conduct medical clinics.  Please read below how you can support financially but most important this trip is prayer for their safety.



Help Healing the Northwest support 10 widows  a month in a village outside Kolkata.  It takes $40/month to house, feed and train a widow for one month.  Will you spend $10 a week to help change the life of one of these widows?  Click here on our DONATIONS page  to sign up to offer your monthly support.

 Kolkata village         Kolkata bike

COMMUNITY MEDICAL CARE-- Healing the Northwest & International Ministries continues to raise funds to supply Public Health bags and distribution of these bags to community health workers in rural areas in India.  We also would like to support other medical outreach that Indian Pastors conduct in various villages in need in India.

Public Health bags are filled with items most needed in the mobile clinics and camps.  They include instruments for small surgical proceduresMedicalKits - dressing wounds and incising small boils and abscesses, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, scissors and other dressing supplies, antiseptic solutions to clean wounds, measuring tape and scale for height and weight measurements of infants and children.  The bag also contains commonly needed medicines.

The cost of the bags are between $50-$75 each depending on the supplies included.  The bag items are purchased and assembled in India causing the funds to go further.  Our goal is to continue to raise funds for these and other Global Mercy Foundation India projects.

Can you help support these and other of our Mission’s projects?  Drinking one less Starbucks cup of coffee a week will purchase 4-6 bags a year and reach 400-600 people desperately in need of basic medical care. You can make a difference!

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